Booking Terms

  1. Submission of a Client Booking Form will confirm your acceptance of the Booking Terms and your desire to progress with the booking.
  2. A non-refundable deposit of £25 is required at time of booking.  Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit has been paid, which is due at the time of submitting the Booking Form. 
  3. The remaining balance must be received no later than 14 days prior to your dog's visit.
  4. If you cancel a booking within 14 days of the start of boarding you will forfeit the total fees paid.   Cancellations made prior to 14 days before the start of boarding are made on the understanding that the deposit paid is not refundable.  Please note: cancellations must be made by email. Telephone calls will not be accepted.
  5. Dogs must be medium-small to small in size.
  6. We cannot accept dogs with separation anxiety and hyper or high-energy dogs, including puppies.
  7. Dogs must be sociable with other dogs, people and children. We are unable to accept dogs with aggression problems around food or towards other dogs or people, subject to the terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
  8. Dogs must be leash-trained and safe to walk, without undue pulling.
  9. Dogs must be able to complete a 30 minute walk at a standard pace, twice a day, as they will be walked with Jessie.
  10. Dogs must be able to be left for short periods (2-3 hours) without barking, howling or destructive behaviour.
  11. If your dog is aggressive or bites during its board it will be moved to a kennel and a transfer fee of £50 will be payable by yourself upon your return. In addition any fees charged by the kennels will be payable by you.
  12. Dogs must be up to date with all worm and flea treatment. We will ask to see certificates of vaccinations for all dogs. We also ask that your dog/s are in general good health.
  13. Please ensure that leads, collars, harnesses etc., are in good condition and fit correctly to ensure your dog's safety at all times.
  14. Should any veterinary advice or treatment be necessary during your absence, no matter how it was incurred, you will be entirely responsible for paying the bill.
  15. We do not board uncastrated dogs or bitches in season.
  16. You must advise us of any behavioural problems your dog may have before we take charge of them. 
  17. You agree to supply enough food for the duration of your dog's board plus water and food bowls, bedding, lead and any toys which will help your dog to settle. If insufficient food is supplied at the start of the board you agree to refund the costs incurred to purchase more food.
  18. If your dog damages any item in our home we will ask you to cover the cost of said item. This includes damage caused by chewing, ripping, vomit and soiling.  A receipt will be provided.
  19. If you tell us that your dog is house trained and they go on to soil in the house, we reserve the right to pass on cleaning  fees; this can include professional carpet cleaning, dry cleaning etc..,  A £5 per day surcharge will be added to our normal rates for cleaning up messes, which will be payable on the last day of your dog's  stay with us. This does not include items that are in need of professional cleaning.
  20. If damage is done by your dog to the outside of buildings, fences or gardens, e.g. digging up grass or plants, we reserve the right to charge you for making good such damage, including labour.
  21. All dogs will remain leashed unless prior agreement and written permission has been received from you.
  22. We reserve the right to use our personal judgment to cut short a walk in the best interests of your dog if we think it necessary, e.g. weather conditions, injury, mobility issues, age of dog etc.,
  23. We reserve the right to decline or terminate a booking.